Enjoy Hands-Free Freedom While Bonding With Your Baby!

Whether you’re a first-time Mum or Dad, or on your fifth baby, you know that time is precious. That’s the beauty of the Funki Flamingo Baby Carrier. Tie it around you, slip in your baby, and suddenly you’ve got two free hands again! Shop at the grocery store, walk your dog, vacuum the living room, and tend to your other little ones. All that while baby is cuddled against your chest, soothed by the sound of your voice and warmth of your body.

Unlike other baby carriers, this strong yet lightweight Baby Sling is made of a soft Premium 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex blend. This gives the fabric slightly more stretchiness, allowing you to easily adjust your baby’s position (a plus if you’re breastfeeding). And, there are no buckles, straps, or snaps to fuss with. Our Baby Carrier is quick and easy to tie on, yet holds your baby securely and distributes weight evenly to avoid back strain.

Get more bonding time with your baby AND more time to do the things you need to do. The Funki Flamingo Baby Wrap Carrier is a “win” for both of you! Also makes the ultimate Baby Shower present for that special Mum or Dad to be.

Baby Carrier that promotes Bonding

When you hold your baby close, Oxytocin hormone is released aka Love Hormone which gives that happy and warm feeling. It develops a secure, mutual deep attachment with the Baby.

Promotes Healthy Hip Development

Our Easy to Tie Baby Wrap creates a comfortable, ergonomic seat that keeps the baby in the correct posture promoting Healthy Hip Development.


  • One Size Fits All
  • Suitable from birth to 16Kg- Perfect for Newborn Babies
  • Premium Natural Cotton with a touch of Spandex to retain its shape
  • Plus Size Friendly
  • Designed in the UK by Parents for Parents
  • Spandex for stretchiness to keep your baby snug, safe and secure
  • Comes with User Manual
  • Machine Washable
Endless Uses
  • Newborn Hold Baby Carrier
  • Breastfeed sling
  • Forward-Facing Baby Sling
  • Side carry
  • Kangaroo carry

Easy to Tie

Centre of Your Wrap

Find the Funki Flamingo tag.

Place the tag near the centre on your belly button.

Make a Cross in the Back

Wrap the panels over the shoulders making an X on your back.

For better weight distribution, flatter the straps in the back.

Cross and Tuck in Front

Cross the panels and tuck the ends of your wrap under the centre panel.

Give the ends a tug if the wrap is loose.

Tie a Knot

You can tie on the side, front or back!






Founded in 2015, Funki Flamingo has its roots much further back in time. The business was founded by a husband and wife team after trying to find a good baby sling for their newborn in the market but couldn't find any high quality products. Determined to do something about this, Funki Flamingo was launched.


Buy, safe in the knowledge that you are backed by our unique Flamingo Infinity Guarantee. We are so confident in our product that we will guarantee to replace it forever. Even if you pass it on to someone else, it will still be covered by our 100% no questions asked guarantee.

What our customers say

I just love this baby carrier. We got this as a gift from a friend and it’s fantastic. It is so easy to set up and use we are out and about in now time at all. No fuss whatsoever which means we are far more keen for a spontaneous walk or trip knowing that our little girl will be strapped to either of us safely in no time at all. It’s hands free operation is great for me. I find it really useful that I can hold my older daughters hand at the same time as carrying the baby. The quality feels really good and far better than another product we had before. The instructions are precise and really easy to follow. LOVE IT!

M. Shinnick

This is a fab carrier. It's really easy to use. The fabric is lovely - great quality and really comfortable to wear. I love being able to keep my baby close to me when we're out and about and even at home. Because the carrier is completely hands free, I can get on with my tasks around the house and keep my baby happy at the same time. Happy baby - happy momma!!

J. Hogan

Absolutely love this product. After borrowing a few friends Baby wraps I decided to buy a wrap as my baby loved it. Added bonus, I finally got two hands back. After searching for a while I found this one. I'd picked it as the fabric is not too long. Some wraps are so long you end up with a lot of excess fabric tied at your waist and it's annoying. It also drags on floor when trying to tie so gets dusty. I also liked the colour it comes in. This will be a personal reason/ choice but often they come in such bright colours it always clashes with all outfits and is too noticeable for my liking. I love the grey as it is more subtle/modern.

K. Peachey

First of all the product arrived quickly. The quality is very nice and the material is very soft. The instructions were scary, however once I put it on I knew I could do it again with no problem. It looks more difficult than it is. I have a 21 lb niece and she fits beautifully. I can hold her with no problem and she likes it. It's pretty comfortable for the both of us. Just keep in mind that for walking long distances you will need a strong back. If you have that, you'll be fine. The one thing that would make putting this on easier would be to have a real picture on the brochure, like the one on Amazon, preferably with the woman facing the camera.

M. Hager

Loved by Parents and Babies all over the World!