The Most Important Criteria In Choosing A Baby Carrier: Comfort

Extended babywearing can take its toll on the body and that’s why comfort should be priority #1

Maintaining a close physical connection with baby not only enhances emotional relationships, but also physical growth and development. Being parents ourselves, we’ve also realised that sometimes, there are things that are needed to be done in and outside the home, and that makes it quite difficult to maintain a physical connection with baby.

Keeping that connection alive requires using a baby carrier that gives priority to comfort and durability, things that regular carriers fail to provide. We launched our own brand of breathable and heavy-duty baby carrier in 2015 to offer a better alternative to regular carriers.

Using traditional baby carriers, especially in long periods, may take a toll on the body. It can be extremely difficult for parents to keep that physical connection alive if they are always in pain and might even sustain a serious injury.

We wanted to provide more comfort to babies and to give parents more movement and productivity. Most of all, we wanted to make sure parents can use our baby carrier longer. That’s why it’s important to invest on comfort.

Our Funki Flamingo Premium Baby Carrier is made from a blend of 95% cotton and 5% spandex. Unlike regular carriers, this baby wrap solution is free from buckles, clips and clasps, making it 100% fabric. It allows babies to be carried in multiple positions, giving parents more options depending on their multi-tasking need.

One of the most important benefits that our baby carrier provides is its breathable and flexible structure. The design helps distribute the weight of the baby evenly, unlike that of other brands which concentrate the pressure on one’s shoulders and back.

Typical baby carriers in the market typically measure 177 inches in length which gives little allowance, or 217 inches for others which results in too much material hanging loose when the carrier is tied. Whereas, the Funki Flamingo Baby Carrier is 205 inches in length, which is the optimum measurement based on their research and feedback from trials.

But of course, comfort is not the only thing we worked to achieve. We also made sure that our baby carrier is strong enough to sustain that physical closeness. Our carrier can support babies up to 35 pounds.

Parents no longer have to just stay in one place doing nothing, because our carrier is so comfortable. Imagine being able to get chores done or heading out to the grocery store while staying close to your little one —without the physical pain.

Provide the best comfort possible for your baby! Check out the Funki Flamingo Premium Baby Carrier. It is designed to distribute the weight evenly throughout the wearer’s body to avoid physical discomfort.

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