How Babywearing Enhances The Bond Between You And Your Baby

Discover the truth about carrying your baby and whether or not it’s actually beneficial

Are you one of those parents who decided to carry your baby on your body, keeping him close to you for the most part of the day, whatever task you’re doing? If so, you must have spent a lot of time and energy in making sure you’ve got the best product for your baby.

But does babywearing really offer benefits to your child and yourself? Is it really good to keep your baby close to you all the time? Are baby carriers designed to nurture and facilitate your baby’s physical development, or do they destroy it?

One of the things that babywearing parents tend to be ‘guilty’ about is the notion that they may be causing a long-term physical impairment to their child by using a baby carrier. They also worry that they may be spoiling their child a bit too much and might hamper their ability to be self-aware, creative and autonomous.

Parents who are not big fans of baby carriers characteristically believe that babies need a certain level of independence for them to develop not only physically but also mentally and emotionally. While there is no doubt about the wonders of allowing your baby to learn things on his own, it’s also important to highlight that there are actual advantages of ‘wearing’ your baby.

The warm, affectionate body connection that nothing else can replicate

For newborns and young babies, Mom and Dad may be the only human contact they have had so far. That familiarity of Mum’s smell and Dad’s voice are just some of the things that make them feel loved and secure. Choosing an inward-facing, front carrying position, the baby can be nestled firmly to the breast, not only providing the soothing smell of warm breast milk — if you’ve chosen to breastfeed — but also allowing him to fall soundly asleep to the regular tick-tock sound of Mum’s heartbeat. This is reminiscent of the warm, nurturing nine months that your baby spent inside the mother’s womb.

The opportunity to explore the world around him

As your baby continues to grow, babywearing can offer a great opportunity for him to become more familiar with his surroundings. With a baby carrier, parents can introduce so many sights and sounds even outside the home without having to endure the physical task of traditionally carrying their baby. Children are curious little creatures and being in a position to see things which we often take for granted such as a dog running through the park or the slow movement of clouds can be both fascinating and educational for the your little explorer.

The liberty to become a more efficient parent while enjoying a strong physical connection with baby

Most parents would agree that juggling between taking care of children, household chores and obligatory, tranquil downtime is quite the challenge. This becomes even more challenging if you have a baby that isn’t quite ready to nap independently in a crib or play alone with his toys. Babywearing allows two hands free to get on with your everyday tasks, may it be doing the laundry, preparing dinner or just sitting back with a glass of wine. Having the luxury to do such things can make a huge difference to how you approach parenthood. And let’s face it: you’d spend as much time as you could with your baby if you had the choice.

Moreover, keeping baby close gives many parents peace of mind, knowing their child is secure and warm right under their noses.

There’s nothing more important than making sure your baby is safe and comfortable while you carry him all day long. Check out our product, the Funki Flamingo Premium Baby Carrier. It is designed to distribute the weight evenly throughout the wearer’s body to avoid physical discomfort, and it’s also made of premium material to ensure comfort and security for your baby!

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